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[14w04b] Item frames and items contained in them are still breakable in Adventure Mode



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 14w04b
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      With Gamemode set as Adventure Mode, attempt to punch an item frame containing any item, and the item will drop out of the frame. If you punch an empty item frame, the item frame itself will drop as well.

      This goes against the changes made to revert Adventure Mode back to a mode designed to prevent any permanent damage or alteration to a custom map.

      I personally desire using the new feature of item frames (outputting a redstone signal based on rotation of item within) in a dungeon puzzle, where the correct rotation will unlock a door. However, I can't use this if the player can punch the item frame and permanently break the game (because Adventure Mode prevents them from placing the item frame back, as it should).

      I also cannot use item frames to display named items as indicators or short visual information, such as displaying the item you will buy from a shop by pushing a button. After all, the player, in Adventure Mode, can just punch the item frame and get the item they would normally have to buy.

      There is no reason for item frames to be breakable in Adventure Mode, and the only reason items should be able to be removed from them in Adventure Mode is if a map maker wanted to give them the item, which could just as easily be accomplished with Chests or a dispenser hooked up to a button.

      A possible solution to the item dropping dilemma is to use a


      NBT tag for item frames as well, like with chests? Or a gamerule to determine whether Adventure Mode can remove items from Item Frames. That way, both sides can use their desired design choices.

      But in short, please fix this. It goes against the idea of Adventure Mode to be able to break anything at all without express permission from the mapmaker.


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