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I can't enter my world


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    • Minecraft 1.7.4
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    • I have no idea why thiss is happening. Last time I played, I had a lot of lag, and that's all I know.
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      I can't enter my world. It only happened to this world so far. I used MCedit and
      NBTedit to see if I could see anything out of the ordinary, but there was nothing to see. When I enter the world, I still have everything in my inventory, but I can't see anything. When I press F3, I can see my Y axis is decreasing slowly, as if i'm sinking in water. But I don't die once I get below Y: 0. I once waited a long time while sinking below Y: 0, and suddenly, I was back in my house. Only problem is: I couldn't open ANY of my chests, And when I pressed a button or pressure plate, It stayed pressed and didn't activate anything.When I log out of the world, the world isn't on top of the world-list, as if I never entered it.

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