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    • Minecraft 1.6.4, Minecraft 1.7.4
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      So, to make this simple, all I want to do is make this real easy.
      Glitch: Creating a 1 block pillar, put sand any layer, except the bottom layer, and light the sand block on it's sides, if you put the sand block on top.
      How to Re-create:
      1. Create a pillar, with a sand block on any layer, except the bottom (top is optional, too, but don't light the top, because that's normal)
      2. Get a Flint and Steel, light the sides, and POOF! Done.
      Explanation: The sand block has a rule where you cannot light the sides of it, so, since the block is in mid-air, the rule is making the light flicker, and since there is another rule where fire cannot be put onto air, the air DEMOLISHES the fire and makes a flicker for a frame. Although, since the rule for the sand block cannot be used onto air, when it has a block next to it, (1 down, 1 [direction you try to flame]) that block is lit.
      I hope you found this cool, and sorry, I don't know how to use screenshots, but you can try it and see for yourself

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