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Adventuring Time achievement still unobtainable on Mac.


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    • Minecraft 1.7.4
    • Mac OS X 10.7.5; Java 7 Update 45
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      For starters, yes, I AM aware of the fact that this is technically a duplicate of MC-30527. However, after seeing that multiple requests over the last month for that issue to be reopened have been ignored, I've decided to open a new ticket anyway, with the hope it will finally bring a little light to the issue. I apologize if this duplicate causes any mods or admins to have a little extra added to their workload for the day.

      Anyway, here is the problem: there seems to still be an issue in obtaining the Adventuring Time achievement. I have all biomes listed as 'explored' in my <playername>.json file, located in the 'Stats' subfolder of my world's save folder.

      Well, ALMOST every biome, that is. I am still missing three of them. 'FrozenOcean' (biome 10) and 'ExtremeHillsEdge' (biome 20), as is well known, do not generate in the new world types. As far as the third one, it would either be 'Mega Spruce Taiga' (biome 160) or 'Mega Spruce Taiga (Hills)' (biome 161).

      I have visited at least six of both the 'MST' biomes, after using AMIDST to locate them. I have made sure, in both biomes, to have 'g:true', as well as destroying and placing blocks within the biomes.

      Regardless of actions taken, only one of the 'MST' biomes appears in the .json file. As it is only labeled as 'Mega Spruce Taiga', and doesn't contain the ID number with it, I'm not sure if it's biome 160 or 161 that is not triggering, though my bet is on 161.

      I've included a screenshot of my unedited .json, as proof I have every other biome on the list.

      I attempted to edit my .json file (after making a backup, of course) by adding the three missing names to the list. But, seeing as I'm just a chef, not a programmer, I failed in that endeavor, and still did not get the achievement. I WAS, however, able to get it by changing the value of the achievement from '0' to '1', and relaunching Minecraft. This tells me that it IS actually possible to force-trigger the achievement; the issue lies in getting Minecraft to trigger it instead. I do not have MCEdit, or I would force the other two biomes (10 and 20) to appear in my world, and test again. Anyone want to try this for me and leave some comments?

      I would suggest to Mojang, either changing the requirements of the achievement by removing the three missing biomes from being required to trigger it, or make sure they all show up in the world generation in the next update, at the very least.

      I apologize again to the mods and admins for the long-winded duplicate ticket. However, seeing as Minecraft is about the only life I have outside of work right now, and I'm a hardcore completionist, it's been driving me crazy ever since the first 1.7 snapshot. I want to have earned this achievement legitimately in survival. And I want it really bad, if you can't tell.

      Jeb? Dinnerbone? Someone help me out here? Fix this little issue, and I'll see to it that you get fed REALLY well the next time (if ever) you happen to pass through the Western North Carolina area of the USA.

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