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Compass needle not pointing to world spawn after setworldspawn command



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    • Minecraft 1.7.4
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    • Windows 7 64-bit, Java 1.7.0_40
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      I'm attempting to create a "Quest Marker" in Minecraft to guide players to new objectives using the needle on a compass. I would use the setworldspawn command to move the world spawn to the new objective's location, and thereby move the compass needle as well. However, the needle does not move from the previous position. The only thing that makes the compass update the world spawn location is player death; Minecraft does not replicate the new world spawn location to players until after they've respawned. It would seem best that the server would replicate the new coordinates to players after the command is executed. This may also be useful for SMP map authors in debugging circuits that use setworldspawn.

      Obviously this isn't a huge issue, but it is an incongruity that make this and similar mechanics impossible.

      To reproduce:
      1. Create Superflat world.
      2. /tp 0 60 0
      3. /setworldspawn 0 60 0
      4. /give @a compass
      5. /kill
      (Note that after respawning, the needle will point towards 0,0)
      6. /tp 10000 60 10000
      7. /setworldspawn 10000 60 10000
      (Note that the needle still points at 0,0)
      8. /kill
      (Needle now points at 10000,10000)




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