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Taking Lethal Damage with Negative Max Health Only Sort of Kills the Player


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      I was testing custom items created using a command block. I created an item that had "Max Health -18" and held it, then took damage from a medium-sized slime. I "died" and got the death screen. I clicked respawn, but instead of sending me to spawn, it just closed the death screen and my game continued. My inventory picture showed Steve? standing diagonally with a slight red overlay, as if he was just about to die. The game, to my knowledge, operated normally during this time. My next death was a normal one, which sent me to spawn and reset my hearts.

      To recreate:

      1. Place a command block in creative mode

      2. Enter the following as a command:
      /give @p minecraft:brick 1 0 {AttributeModifiers:[



      3. Activate the command block to give this item to the player

      4. Switch to survival mode and hold the item

      5. Begin taking small amounts of damage until death

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