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Block/Item Lag in Single Player


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    • Minecraft 1.7.2
    • Mac OS X 10.8.5
      Java 1.6 65
      Minecraft 1.7.2
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    • Survival

      Basically When I played my Minecraft survival world, I noticed that the animals weren't moving, and even after waiting a bit they weren't. So I tried to break a carrot, it broke, but no carrots came out, I tried a few more but the same. I tried turning to peaceful to see if it was the zombie glitch but IT WASNT SO THIS ISNT A DUPE OF THAT. Then after using another program, and after a bit I go back to Minecraft. When I un-pause the carrots come out of the ground all at once. Then I try to pick them up but they just stay on the ground. So I leave it like that to see if its just laggy, but a few seconds later it almost breaks my computer I can't use force-quit application on it, and nothing is responding. Then It finally runs out of memory. But my CPU is still running! Minecraft it still using the CPU (The one with the grass block logo) It's taking 150% of my CPU and the game window isn't even there. I have to force quit it now. Okay after that I try to restart it, and it's all fine until I start my world. It just says Loading world then it freezes and goes back to the main menu. I try playing a creative world but it's just fine with no lag at all. So now it's corrupted my world too .

      1. Go into your survival world
      2. Observe animals NOT moving/extremley slow
      3. Observe carrots/blocks not popping out of the ground
      4. Turn to peaceful still no.
      5. Your game has run out of memory, your world is corrupt and cannot start, and Minecraft hogs 150% of your CPU.
      6. Force-Quit mine craft from force-quit menu then go back to mine craft
      7. You cannot open your world but other worlds are fine.
      Minecraft Did not give me a crash report

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