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Horses with Name tags despawning in Multiplayer



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      I've mysteriously lost 3 horses, all which had nametags, saddles and Armor assigned to them. When I sign in and come to there spot, they are gone, and no items are to be found on the floor.

      The odd part is they are all horses, and there are other horses around them with and without nametags.

      One horse despawned in a low mob enviroment, and the other 2 despawned in a XP farm/ farm area with lots of chickens, cows and mooshroom. None of them ever despawn,.

      Just yesterday I lost 2 amazing good horses, one had diamond armor. I signed in at my stable, and they were gone. While 4 other horses were still there. (3 untammed offspring, and another name tagged horse).

      Could something be glitching to despawn these horses? Its really frustrating when you put effort into a good horse, and it just... is gone.

      Might I suggest also, completely doing away with horses hurting themselves stuck in walls. Which I doubt is the problem here. I once came back, found a horse hurting itself in a wall, and fixed it. The pen My horses go missing from have been tried a true for many months since.


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