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Selecting specific items breaks all block textures.



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.7.2
    • Fix Version/s: None
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    • Environment:
      Windows 7 SP1, Java Version 7 Update 45, Launcher Version 1.3.3

      Profile for game version is located in a global folder outside of /%appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft
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      Affects all modes.

      Item List:
      -Redstone torches
      -Regular torches
      -Tripwire hook
      -All flowers/Grass/Fern
      -Both mushrooms
      -Iron Bars
      -All Glass Panes
      -Lily Pad
      -All Saplings
      -All Rails

      Note: When in default, all broken textures turn black. When in a resource pack, all textures become clear.
      -Upon selecting in the hotbar, all block textures break.

      -Some creative tabs are affected (Blocks, Decorations, Transport)

      -No particle textures. (Explosions have textures)

      -All non-placeable items (eg pickaxe, potion, sword) have textures when held.

      -All chests have textures. (GUI also has texture)

      -Except chests, all inventory blocks do not have a block texture when placed. Still have GUI texture

      -Water renders as grey with normal animation

      -Lava renders as white with normal animation

      -All redstone items (torches, buttons, redstone parts) have no texture when placed

      -All mobs render properly

      -Doors have no texture when placed.

      -Rail has no texture

      Additional Notes:
      -1 resource pack is installed (Sphax Pure BD 128x for 1.7.2)
      -All textures break regardless of resource pack (tested with above pack)
      -Re-opening the world (without item list selected) fixes textures until items are selected
      -Refreshing texture pack " " "
      -F3 + A does not affect issue.
      -F5 (3rd person) does not affect issue
      -F1 (no Hud) mode prevents textures breaking when objects are selected after entering mode.
      -When using a texture pack, all blocks become completely untextured (clear)

      Attached are the examples. Titles are via the game's naming system.
      Image 1 has texture pack as listed (Sphax)
      Image 2 is prior to selecting items and with no hud and having the items selected
      Image 3 is when one of the items are selected. Water is left (grey) and Lava is right (white)


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