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Minecraft server freezes and boots all players with the following message: "minecraft internal exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException"


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    • Minecraft 1.7.2
    • Local server hosted on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
      i7-3970X CPU
      16GB RAM
      Java version 7 Update 40 / Java Version 7 Update 45
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      Locally installed and hosted server has been getting chunk errors since the 1.7.2 update and has reached a point where no one is able to stay connected. Javew.exe process spikes to 50%+ CPU and 1GB+ physical memory and boots all connected players with the error message "minecraft internal exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException"

      Server logs-

      [20:07:34] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting minecraft server version 1.7.2
      [20:07:34] [Server console handler/ERROR]: Exception handling console input
      java.io.IOException: The handle is invalid
      at java.io.FileInputStream.readBytes(Native Method) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at java.io.FileInputStream.read(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at java.io.BufferedInputStream.read1(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at java.io.BufferedInputStream.read(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.readBytes(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.implRead(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at sun.nio.cs.StreamDecoder.read(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at java.io.InputStreamReader.read(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at java.io.BufferedReader.fill(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at java.io.BufferedReader.readLine(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at java.io.BufferedReader.readLine(Unknown Source) ~[?:1.7.0_40]
      at ll.run(SourceFile:78) [minecraft_server.1.7.2.exe:?]

      On startup and then spams;

      [20:09:18] [Server thread/ERROR]: Wrong location! vw['item.item.rottenFlesh'/2672
      [20:09:18] [Server thread/ERROR]: Wrong location! vw['item.item.rottenFlesh'/2673

      Example log attached.

      Edit: Updated to Java 7 Update 45, issue persists

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