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Z-fighting when looking down to break a block


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    • Minecraft 1.7.1, Minecraft 1.7.2
    • Windows 7 , newest Java (updated today) , 1GB assigned RAM to minecraft
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      What I expected to happen
      While standing on a block and breaking it, a clean render of the breaking block texture to appear

      What happened instead
      The breaking block texture is subject to Z-fighting with the block texture, and occasionally depending on position you are standing, doesn't render at all, despite the block still breaking fine
      Seems to be worse when crouching(holding L Shift) and while breaking blocks with your fist as opposed to with a tool

      How to reproduce
      1. Stand on top of any block
      2. Try to break the block
      3. Watch the Z-fighting
      4. Move around slightly while still looking down at the block to see rendering stop at times

      screenshots below all taken within seconds of each other, while breaking the same block

      (apologies if this has been reported before, I had searched but could not find a record of an issue report of this in 1.7)

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