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Piston doesn't retract with texture glitch



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      I was trying to make a bathroom. There are 3 stalls. One of the pistons won't retract after it has been retracted already. All the pistons face toward Minecraft's south so I don't know why one of them is acting weird. At first, the texture is correct but then when the glitch is happening there is the piston face not extended while there is a piston arm extended. Like the one at https://mojang.atlassian.net/browse/MC-136. I was also on a server.

      What did I expect to happen?
      I expected the piston to retract when I click the button.

      What actually happened?
      It was said eariler. I'm including screenshots.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Place a torch on a side of a block.
      2. Place a sticky piston on top of that torch that points toward's Minecraft's south (the opposite side of the side that the sun rises from)
      3. Place an iron block in front of the piston.
      4. Connect a button to the torch so that the button turns off the torch.
      5. Press the button (this will retract the piston then extend it again)
      6. Now press the button again (notice the texture glitch before you press the button
      7. You will notice it won't retract.

      I have checked MC-136. I saw that before I posted it but I do not see this as a duplicate because MC-136 is about the texture glitch while this is about the piston not retracting. Also, I mention MC-136 in this post.

      I was not farming or anything. I did not use sugarcane or pumpkins. I used an iron block. I don't know if this is the same problem or not, I just wanted to mention this.


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