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Mac / Keyboard Issues. Control/Command key.



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      This seems to be LWJGL related.

      First: Some uses of "control" now seem to be mapped to "apple/command". This sort-of makes sense. Microsoft windows uses ctrl-C for copy, ctrl-v for paste; Apple uses command-C for copy, command-V for paste, etc. So, the LWJGL seems to be mapping ctrl to command in many/most cases.

      Ctrl-"drop" drops a stack on windows.
      Command-"drop" drops it on the mac.

      (... is there any other use of control in vanilla?)

      In fact, I just found another issue here. After command-"drop" (I have "drop" bound to a key; this might be different on a mouse), the "drop" key does not work once. I have to press it once to "clear" it, before it is seen to work again.

      When starting up, I normally find the "command" key stuck – the first time I try to use it, it does not work. Additionally, any time I use command-tab to switch to another app, and then back, it is stuck again.

      (This is not all cases. I can map a keystroke command to "control", and it still works. Optifine, for example, maps zoom to control by default (I remapped it to Z before testing.))


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