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Diverse rendering issues (floating, mobs, chests, item frames, water etc.)



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 13w39b
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Environment:
      Windows 8 64bit; Java 7 update 25; Graphics card:AMD Radeon HD 7640G; Processor: AMD A8-4500M;
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      I'm sorry if this is a duplicate.. I didn't even know what to search for (tried anyway, no luck)..

      When I joined my multiplayer server, block textures loaded as normal, but pretty much everything else is completely messed up.

      I have objects floating around, offset from it's normal location in pretty much every possible angle. Affected are, as far as I could see right now:

      • Chests (Normal, trapped and ender)
      • Water
      • Nether portal-block (the actual portal, not the frame)
      • Item-frames and the items in the item-frame
      • A donkey with chest (might be chest-related)
      • Book from enchantment table

      Particles such as torch-flames and portal-particles aren't where they suppose to be.

      Mobs (or at least horses and donkey's) look as if they are not where they actually are.

      Item frames stick on my screen.

      The location of the above things change when I move the camera or the player. It looks like everything moves in a different direction then me. Example: If I move forward, chests move left on my screen and after a few steps the items pop to a other location and start moving to the right on my screen.

      Furthermore.. My inventory appeared empty, even the armor slots even though I'm wearing the armor. Occasionally (seemingly random) it shows as intended.

      I restarted Minecraft, on log-in everything except blocks and 1 single item frame with iron pickaxe had turned invisible. After punching the location of where a item frame should be everything popped back into place.

      I hope Mojang can do something with this information. Again my apologies if this happens to be a duplicate. If there are any questions, please do ask!

      P.S. the lids of single chests are still invisible, but I'm not sure if this is related. That issue occured before this issue.


        1. Angle 1 at night.png
          Angle 1 at night.png
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        2. Angle 2 at night slightly higher angle.png
          Angle 2 at night slightly higher angle.png
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        3. Angle 3 at night even higher angle.png
          Angle 3 at night even higher angle.png
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        4. Chests should be in red clay gaps.png
          Chests should be in red clay gaps.png
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        5. Floating horse.png
          Floating horse.png
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        6. Lake, offset to the left.png
          Lake, offset to the left.png
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        7. Same place, angle 1.png
          Same place, angle 1.png
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        8. Same place, angle 2.png
          Same place, angle 2.png
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        9. Same place, angle 3.png
          Same place, angle 3.png
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        10. Same place, angle 4.png
          Same place, angle 4.png
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