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Map Clones and Item frame issue


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    • Minecraft 13w39b
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      Earlier in my game/world I Made two maps. I used one and zoomed it out.
      Then I cloned them together. I put one in an item frame...
      And everything went well. Then a long while later I built a nether portal and put my mobile map in a chest. I went to the nether. I came back and my map in the item frame AND my mobile map had the green cursor ONLY. There was no white cursor signifying my player.

      I do not know exactly what started it... but I have tried everything. even made new maps using creative. those new maps worked fine. I got off of minecraft and then got back on. The maps were broken! A white cursor signifying my player was on both maps and stuck (immovable) and a green cursor signifying the clone map in the item frame; also on both maps.
      So was the Bug report.

      "edit:// Later I restarted the launcher and my maps were fine. I went back to the title screen, and then to my world again. The maps were broken://"

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