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Obsidian+Night Vision Potion=Black World



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      I built my Black Isle Asylum out of the 3 different Quartz blocks and the stairs, Redstone lamps, Redstone Blocks, Obsidian, Netherrack, Bricks(normal red Bricks), and glass. I set the netherrack on fire then went into the obsidian box under the house and tried to replicate the acropolis using TNT(lots of it!) which blew slight holes in my house through the obsidian(a bug but not why I'm here). I fixed the holes and went back underground to fill the removed stone area with obsidian. I realized that the obsidian generated darkness in its box shape so I drank a Night Vision Potion. BOOM! LIGHT! All good until the screen went black. At first I thought that the world got replaced by the void but I wasn't dying, and could still see my hands(with a NV Potion). Then, I thought that maybe my NVP ran out. Drank another one and nothing changed. I looked through the creative inventory and thought about torches, placed one on the wall of the Obsidian Box and POOF everything came back into sight with perfect NV still on. this is a serious bug that really needs fixed because it didn't just change the Obsidian to black nothing, it changed everything to black nothing. The only way I have been able to fix this is with a torch on the wall. I would attach a snapshot but I have tried twice and it crashed google chrome. The unfortunate side is that I have one of the outside, one of the inside of the box, and one of the bug actually happening.
      ~~~Alphachurch A.K.A. Prancingfrog97~~


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