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Non-existing Item frame generation in new areas



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    • Minecraft 1.6.4, Minecraft 13w38c
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      Generating a new random seed for survival or creative I have come across the same glitch twice, somewhere floating in the sky is what appears to be leather armor in an item frame. I try to break it or place a block in, infront, or behind it. It does not exist. I dug all ground beneath it to see if it existed somewhere else within the chunk, no luck. No mods were running, nor resource packs. Tried re-creating seeds, sometimes not there, sometimes there. Seemed to remain there while checking in other snapshots and previous versions. they eventually disappear after leaving launcher off for a while. The glitch i can confirm is completely random, not seed dependent. The only trend is that it takes place in newly generated land. I provided the best picture I had available.

      The best way I can say to recreate this is to generate a new random map, not creative or survival dependent, and search the sky. this happened for me twice, one having 3 frames, other 4. this only occurred twice out of 5 new map generations.
      THESE DO NOT EXIST IN THE NETHER, they are not duplicates of existing, nor on any played worlds. This is appearing in untouched areas. It is unrelated to the nether/surface ghost frame issue.


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