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Enchanted Item in Hotbar Bug, Player Following Mouse in Creative Survival Inventory, and Survival Inventory Chest Icon in Creative Bugs


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    • Minecraft 13w38c
    • Operating System: Windows 7. Java Version: Java Version 7 Update 25 (build 1.7.0_25-b17) 32-bit Java. 64-bit OS.
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      As I entered my survival inventory in creative mode I noticed that as I was moving my mouse around, my player was following it but my player was facing away from my screen. Another bug that I noticed was the survival inventory icon of a chest in creative mode seems to show the inside of a chest and not the chest itself (pictures will be included to understand). The final bug that I was able to notice was with enchanted items: like potions and enchanted weapons. The glowing effect seems to effect the whole slot that the item is located in instead of just the item itself. All you have to do to trigger this bug is to put one of these items into your inventory.
      Thank you for making our Minecraft experience better by fixing these bugs.
      [ UPDATE 20/9/2013 7:16 PM ET ]
      I have noticed that Night Vision Potions do not have the weird glowing effect in the slot that they are put into.

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