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Redstone and Piston bug At the farlands.


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    • Minecraft 13w38a
    • Windows 8 64bit and Latest Java
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      What I expected to happen was that the redstone and piston textures would be fine at the farlands, but their not

      What actually happened was that I went to the farlands, placed down some redstone with a piston and the redstone texture is very broken, like stretched. And there is no handle on the piston when its activated. All of this doesn't happen at the spawn point of the world.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Teleport to the farlands using this command /tp @a 29999999 100 0
      2. Place down a piston and/or redstone.
      3. Activate the piston to see the piston bug. And place down the redstone to see the redstone bug

      Pictures: First picture is me trying to produce the bug at spawn, the second one is at the farlands. I had to place down more redstone to make the bug work because 1 line of redstone didn't show up at all.

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