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Ender cystals in the overworld cause non-reasonable ammount of lag



    • Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Minecraft 13w36b
    • Minecraft 13w37a
    • Intel core i3-380M 330MB RAM allowcated Full screen mode
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      With the /summon command introduced , now it is possible to create endercrystals . However there's a noticable ammount of lag when ender crystals are summoned in the overworld . I guess it is due to the large ammount of lighting updates .

      What I expected to happen :
      It should behave like those endercrystals in the end so not much lag will be caused.

      What actually happens :
      It cause considerable ammount of lag.

      Without ender crystals : 35-50 fps
      3: 12-25 fps
      6:9-16 fps
      9: 5-12fps
      In the end : 30-50 fps ( more than 15 crystals are present)

      Steps to reproduce :
      1. Go to creative mode
      2. fly around
      3. Do /summon EnderCrystal
      4. Jump into the end , compare
      ( I guess it is not much noticeable in high ended devieces )

      Extra: It is found that placing crystals in the air will cause even more lag . I guess that's because the ammounts of blocks requried for update is more in the air .

      Also those test are made under day time . In night time it is very noticable that those crystals cause flash lights .

      The screenshots show the huge difference between have it or not. Another screen shot show that it run smoothly in the end .


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