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Respiration enchantment does not apply to water mobs



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      The bug

      The Respiration enchantment has no effect on water mobs, even though they are capable of suffocating.

      To the mods who closed my report on Water Breathing as "works as intended", note that Respiration does not make any implications on what is being breathed.

      Although I wouldn't be surprised if you'd close this one as "feature request" or something since squids don't normally spawn with respiration helmets. I'm personally not a fan of the "if it requires an external editor, it's not a bug" attitude, considering Mojang added the custom NBT tags for players to use in their maps. Back when we were using the wiki, Mojang did indeed address bug reports regarding their NBT features - just keep that in mind, please.

      How to reproduce

      1. Execute the following commands simultaneously (e.g. via command blocks):
        /summon squid ~ ~1 ~ {Air:300s,ArmorItems:[{},{},{},{id:diamond_helmet,Count:1b,tag:{Enchantments:[{id:respiration,lvl:3s}]}}]}
        /summon squid ~ ~1 ~ {Air:300s}

        Both squids start suffocating at the same time


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