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Ctrl + Pick Block Retrieves Original Sign's NBT Data After Editing


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    • 1.20.5 Pre-Release 1
    • Windows 10, microsoft-jdk-21.0.2
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      If you pick block a sign that was originally placed with NBT data but later edited, it will retain the NBT data from the original placement instead of the edits. In the screenshot, the 3rd sign, picked from the 2nd sign, retains the original NBT data that the 2nd sign was placed with instead of reflecting the current edits.

      reproduce steps:

      1. place down sign
      2. write some text
      3. ctrl + pick block that sign and place it down
      4. edit the 2nd sign's text and/or color
      5. ctrl + pick block the 2nd sign and place it
      6. 3rd sign will have the 2nd sign's original NBT data before editing

      expected behavior:

      ctrl + pick block should grab the sign's current text/color.


      Not bugged in 1.20.1

      Bugged in 1.20.5 Pre release 1 and 24w14a


      random note:

      When using Ctrl + Pick Block on the same sign multiple times, it consistently generates a new item in the hotbar instead of scrolling to the identical item already on your hotbar. I thought it should behave like all other non-NBT items but maybe this is intended and not a bug.

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