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Farmer villagers wont crop or re-plant consistently


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      The villagers crop and re-plant very inconsistantly. Will stand around after croppng/replanting 2-3 blocks

      I have a 9x9 carrot farm with a composter in the center with one farmer villager.
      I gave the villager a full inventory of carrots (8 Stacks)
      The villager seems to crop 2-3 blocks and then maybe plant 2-3 blocks, But then they seem to stand around and do nothing for the rest of the day.
      Mob griefing is on and there are beds that they are assigned to.

      I built the same farm in bedrock and the villagers rush to crop the fully grown carrots and re-plants them straight away.

      Do the Farmers behave differently between bedrock and java? I know they have slightly different schedules ect. But i didnt think that the cropping/replanting mechanics would be much differnt.

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