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FreeType error: Unrecognized error: 0x62 (Loading glyph)


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    • 1.20.5 Pre-Release 2
    • 24w14a
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      The game crashes when displaying certain TTF characters. I don't know why exactly, but I've narrowed it down to a small resource pack. This did not happen in 1.20.4

      How to reproduce

      1. Download the attached resource pack MC-270559.zip
      2. Enable the resource pack and open a world
      3. Run the following command
        tellraw @a {"text": ".", "font": "gm4:offscreen"}
      4. Notice that the game crashed

      I also came across MC-268035 while testing, so that may be related

        1. crash-2024-04-10_01.09.08-client.txt
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          [Helper] Misode
        2. deobf_crash-2024-04-09_18.35.18-client.txt
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          [Bot] Arisa
        3. deobf_crash-2024-04-10_01.09.08-client.txt
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          [Bot] Arisa

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