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Continuously places blocks without pressing any buttons



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    • Minecraft 1.6.2
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    • Mac OS X
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      Basically, when I am placing blocks in game, both creative AND survival, the blocks keep placing long after I want them to, without pressing any buttons, until I can't physically can't place items anymore.

      I was placing blocks as usual, on a Mac you use control+click, and that places blocks. When you are not using the control key, blocks aren't supposed to be placed any longer.

      However, for some reason after I place so many blocks (the number of how many I place before it bugs isn't consistent), when I am not pressing the control key any more, blocks keep placing anywhere I put the cursor, as if I am still holding the key. This either continues until I run out of room to put more blocks, I run out of blocks, or I hit 'e' and open my inventory. This happens on both Survival AND Creative mode.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Start placing blocks at a consistent pace
      2. The number of blocks placed before it bugs may vary
      3. Blocks should start to continuously be placed, without using the control key
      4. To stop blocks from continuing to be placed, open the inventory.


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