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Wind charges can harm the ender dragon while it perches atop the end portal, unlike arrows and tridents.


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    • 1.20.5 Pre-Release 1
    • 24w11a, 24w14a
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    • Expansion B

      Wind charges have the capability to inflict damage upon ender dragons in flight atop the end portal, a feat not achievable by other projectiles like arrows and tridents. This is related to issues MC-85897 and MC-269015.

      Steps to replicate

      1. Enter the End realm
      2. Respawn the ender dragon if it has already been defeated.
      3. Wait for it to soar above the end portal
      4. Launch a wind charge towards the ender dragon

      Observed behavior: The wind charge inflicted damage on the ender dragon,
      Expected behavior: The wind charge should not cause damage to the ender dragon.

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