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ravager and witch attack themselves


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    • 1.20.4, 24w07a
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    • Windows11 22H2(22621.3155)
      Java 17.0.8
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      Under the guidance of Johnny Vindicator, the ravager and witch attack themselves

      Very simple steps to reproduce:

      • /summon minecraft:vindicator ~ ~1 ~ {PatrolLeader:1b,Patrolling:1b,Johnny:1b}
      • summon a Ravager next to they
        Observe the phenomenon. You should now see the Ravager starting to attack itself.

      Replace the Ravager in the above process with a Witch, and you can observe the Witch attacking itself, but the witch will only use healing potions and regeneration potions when attacking herself.

      Since the attachment is too big, I put it on my website, you can use https://u.mlo.moe/1 (short link) or https://gh.mlo.moe/f/MC-268709.mp4 (full link) view

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