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Fill command for copper doors not working to replace with a different copper door type


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      I want to replace all the copper doors in an area with a different oxidized variant. For this example, I want to replace not oxidized with oxidized. Of course this has to be done with two commands for the two halves. But the commands are having no effect.

      I want to replace the doors no matter their orientation, open-ness, etc. So here's a simplified example of the command:

      /fill 53 102 9 53 102 9 oxidized_copper_door[half=upper]

      When I run this, there is a copper door in that block, from y=101 to y102, so 102 is the upper part. (See attached.)

      Nothing happens. It says "No blocks were filled". This is what it says if you use fill to replace (say) sand with sand, so maybe it thinks the two door types are the same. The debug info shows that the block at that place is a copper_door, not an oxidized_copper_door. If I change the half to "lower", a change is made.

      So in effect it's acting as if the copper_door is an oxidized_copper_door.

      This does not happen for wooden doors, I have that working fine for changing the door type.

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