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Splash Potions do not give full time when hit at feet (Gameplay)



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    • Minecraft 1.5.2, Minecraft 1.6.2
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    • Java 7u21, Windows 8 x64
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      Currently in the game, the duration of a splash potion varies depending on the proximity of the target entity to the splash center. This gameplay mechanic makes sense,
      However, when attempting to apply splash potions to oneself, one must throw the potion straight up and have it break over their head in order to receive the (already reduced) duration of the potion. Throwing at the feet, the most natural action, further reduces the duration beyond the "labeled" time.

      For example:

      • A tier 1 (nonextended) fire resist potion is 3:00. Splash variant is 2:15
      • If a player wants to use this splash potion on themselves, they naturally smash it directly at their feet, which gives ~1:56 of fire resist. This does not make sense as the player already paid the necessary 45 seconds of time in order to have the convenience of splashing.
      • In order to receive this full 2:15, the player must look up, throw the potion, then position themself exact under the projectile so it lands on them.
      • This is, in my opinion, broken gameplay, as the player is penalized time for a natural action (throwing at feet) when duration was already lost from brewing gunpowder into the potion.

      tl;dr: Splash potions should give their full time when splashed at the feet,


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