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Laptop keys F1 and F4 (without Fn) are bound as "Left Win"


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      The bug

      When attempting to bind the F1 (help) key or F4 (project) key to a game control on a HP 250 G7 Notebook PC or HP Laptop 14-cm0xxx (without using the Fn key, which would make them function as actual F1 and F4 keys), the control is bound to "Left Win" instead.

      Expected results

      These keys would not be bound to "Left Win", but to something with a more fitting name like "Help"/"Project" which is separate from the left Windows key.

      Alternatively, it may be Mojang's intention to have these recognised as "F1" and "F4" respectively, regardless of whether the Fn key is held down, as the same key is being pressed regardless (after all, Shift/Control/Alt plus other keys doesn't produce different results).

      Actual results

      They are bound to "Left Win" instead.

      Further notes

      There is a possibility that these keys work as shorthand for key combos which contain the left Windows key, which may be why the game recognises them as such.

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