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W and A keys don't register as any control.


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    • 1.20.1
    • Operating System: Windows 10
      PC Specs:
      DELL Precision T3600
      NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
      Intel Xeon
      16 GB Ram
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      My W and A keys don't register as anything in the game. I can type in chat with them, change world names, etc. but they don't do anything in-game. if I change my "Walk Forward" and "Strafe Right" controls to anything else, they work but they don't if I try with W and / or A. I have tried setting other controls to W and / or A, and then they don't work! It's as if Minecraft doesn't want to acknowledge that my W and A keys even exist!

      I have things like my options.txt and some screenshots attached to this. Please, fix this! Here is the log: https://paste.ee/p/PP4yk



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