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Certain mobs have unnatural reach when aggravated towards another


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      If a zombie is aggravated towards another zombie, the aggravated zombie will be able to hit the other zombie from many blocks away.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go into a superflat world, preferably with mob spawning disabled from the world creation screen and with the Redstone Ready template (ensuring that no mobs have a chance to spawn on their own, otherwise it might interfere)
      2. Set the time to 18000 (so that the zombies don't burn)
      3. Run this command: /execute at @e[type=zombie,limit=1] run execute as @e[type=zombie,limit=1,sort=furthest] run damage @e[limit=1,type=zombie,sort=nearest] 0 minecraft:generic by @s

      What I expected:

      • They would have to approach each other to attack each other

      What I observed

      • They do not have to approach each other to be able to attack each other, in spite of the distance being too long for them to theoretically be capable of attacking each other

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