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Game softlocks after cancelling joining a server


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    • 1.20
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    • Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (Version 22H2)
      OS Build 10.0.22621.1778 (STABLE CHANNEL)
      Java OpenJDK 20.0.1 (Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 20.0.1+9-29)
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      I was using Minecraft 1.19.4 every day, and the problem never occurred.

      it seems to occur a lot more frequently on version 1.20.

      Expected Result:

      The game goes back to display the Multiplayer Menu.

      Observed Result:

      The game freezes and is required to be restarted through Task Manager.

      Steps to reproduce this:

      Joining any server and then clicking the "Cancel" button. It happens really randomly.


      4 Gigabytes are allocated to the client. In total 64GB RAM is installed on my computer.

      A crash report can't be generated so I decided to use theĀ output log function and copy all into a text file

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        3. process-log-3048174.txt
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