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Sniffers' hitboxes easily get caught on blocks compared to other large mobs


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    • 1.19.4, 23w14a
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    • Expansion B

      The Bug:

      When pathfinding, its very easy for Sniffers to get caught on the side of blocks and be stuck for a while, as their AI does not properly account for the size of their hitbox.

      Note that this does not seem to be an issue for the Ravager, in regards to hitbox limits.

      Here is a video of the described behavior below:


      How to Reproduce:

      1. Summon a Sniffer and lead it with Torchflower seeds around wide obstacles; wide enough for it to pass through.
      2. Often times it will get stuck despite having enough room, as the hitbox's corner is caught on the edge of a block
      3. Note that this will happen while idling often too

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