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Named banners no longer stack after being placed and picked up


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      Steps to recreate

      • Name 2 blank banners simultaneously in an anvil (so they stack)
      • Place one of them on the ground
      • Break it and pick it up again
      • The banners no longer stack

      Also works with non-blank banners but these wouldn't stack anyway because of MC-251509.



      Before placing, the named banner has the following NBT data:


      {RepairCost: 0, display: {Name: '{"text":"Test"}'}}

      After placing and breaking, the banner loses the RepairCost tag:


      {display: {Name: '{"text":"Test"}'}}

      The items' NBT data doesn't match so they no longer stack.



      This bug may seem the same as MC-251509 but they are not caused by the same thing. MC-251509 is caused by the id tag disappearing when placing and breaking. This bug is caused by the RepairCost tag disappearing, a tag only appearing on named banners.


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