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Checkerboard biome sources using biome tags do not generate features, and structures cannot be /located


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      The attached datapack overrides the overworld dimension to use a checkerboard biome source that uses all biomes in the "#is_overworld" biome tag.

      When using this datapack, the dimension json is able to be read and loaded and the overworld correctly uses a checkerboard biome source using all overworld biomes; however, no features in the biomes generate.

      Structures generate but cannot be located with the /locate command.

      Analysis of the decompiled source code indicates that this happens because the BiomeSource base class's constructor forces biome sources to provide a list of biomes when the dimension is constructed; this happens before tags are bound to tag holdersets, so this list is empty for checkerboard biome sources when a tag is specified.

      The checkerboard biome source overrides some biome querying to correctly evaluate the biome tag rather than the initial (empty) list, but not all biome queries, resulting in the screenshots above where the terrain for the biomes generates but their placed features do not.

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