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Glitched controls - unable to look around



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      Whle playing in a friend's world, my sister and I were playing split-screen on the same xbox 360. I exited the game, signed out, and shut off my controller. Everything had been working fine. My sister continued playing in full screen and eventually went to another friend's world. Once there, my character would randomly "pop" into existance in the game several times. She would continue to repeat the steps of exiting me from the game, signing me out of the xbox, and shutting off my controller several times before she stopped playing.

      Since then, I've had a major problem. The "look" control no longer functions. This happens ONLY with my sn playing. ANY world I go to, I cannot look around. All other controls work (ie. movement, jump, use, mine, etc.). We have tried everything we can think of. We've changed controllers (five different controllers - two brand new), we've deleted my Minecraft save files, and even went so far as to delete the game from the system memory and redownload it. NOTHING has worked. I am still unable to look around with my sn signed in.

      If I switch the profile I'm using, the problem goes away and the game works just fine. This is a great hinderance since I'm unable to play the game and this is the only place I can find to report the error. I understand it's difficult to fix without screenshots, but a screenshot doesn't show the problem. Any information on how to fix this error would be welcome since I can no longer enjoy the game while this continues.

      Nothing in the settings has helped. Survival, Create, different controller setups, dying .... I'm not sure what else to try and I would like to get back to enjoying the game. I'm not sure how to reproduce it since the other screennames on the system work fine and only my screenname seems affected so far.




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