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Vex Renders Offhand Items Incorrectly


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      When holding items (only possible with /item replace) in their offhand, vexes incorrectly render them. The item should be rendered on the opposite hand, but does not.

      The new vex model cannot show armour (whereas the old model could), but I am going to presume this a feature, as armour probably looks odd anyway.

      The vex uses the Allay's code for how to render handheld items. (with the offhand slightly misaligned from the main hand, but still directly next to) This code makes sense for the allay as the hands are out in front.

      The vex has its arms by its side, making this approach for rendering look incorrect. The items should be rendered on separate hands of the vex, but are instead both rendered on the Vex's right hand, with the same misalignment as the Allay.

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