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Petrified oak slabs do not have the "Epic" rarity


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      Important note

      This clones MC-229624. It is not a duplicate of this ticket due to major changes made to the Creative inventory in 22w42a, identically to how MC-256848 was not considered a duplicate of MC-217646.

      The bug

      In 22w42a, petrified oak slabs were removed from the Creative inventory, rendering them unobtainable without the use of commands.

      Prior to 22w42a, all items which could only be obtained via commands had the "Epic" rarity assigned to them, giving them a magenta colored name as a result. As of 22w42a, this is no longer the case, as the petrified oak slab is now such an item which does not have this rarity. This results in an inconsistency.

      How to reproduce

      1. Come into possession of a petrified oak slab via commands or having a world from over a decade ago
      2. Mouse over the petrified oak slab, or select it in the hotbar (items in shulker boxes will not work due to MC-132201, and renamed petrified oak slabs will not work due to MC-132199)

      Expected results

      "Petrified Oak Slab" would be rendered in magenta.

      Actual results

      "Petrified Oak Slab" is rendered in white.

      How to fix

      minecraft:petrified_oak_slab should have the "Epic" rarity assigned to it.

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