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Sculk Shrieker warning level resets to 0 after player's death


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      Sculk Shrieker warning level resets to 0 after player's death in Java edition unlike Bedrock edition.


      1. activate sculk shrieker 4 times until warden is emerged
      2. kill yourself using /kill or other ways
      3. try activate shrieker again.
      4. repeat the steps in both edition. java/bedrock

      results: {java edition}:

      this is the nbt tag for player before death and the warden emerges.

      this is the nbt tag after players death

      that means in java edition when trying to activate the shrieker again after death. the subtitles will show warden approaches.

      {Bedrock edition}


      even i didn't have nbt tag evidence to prove this. but we can see that after players death when we try to activate the shrieker. the warden immediately emerges. meaning that the warning level is still 4 not reset to 0. if it is indeed 0. it should not emerges.


      expected. the shrieker warning level should not reset to 0

            bagucode [Mojang] Markus Gustavsson
            muhdamirzikry Amir Zikry
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