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Bee Entity Movement stops working once within 1 block of a lava source!


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    • 1.19.1 Release Candidate 3
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      I noticed a bug and looked it up and have seen a recent report on it. I was testing around with mob behavior, and when I got to bees, I accidentally came across something. Initially when spawned, bees roam freely, or roam close to said nest or hive. But, when a bee comes close to lava, it completely freezes. After a while the animation itself begins to stop and it is left there like an armor stand or nonmoving entity. After a bit of investigation, I found that the bee freezes once within a 1 block span of the lava. I even noticed the damage ticks being negated from burning in some circumstances when the animation froze. The bee did seem to be doing its bounce though without flapping its wings, even without moving whatsoever. I also discovered that the bee once interacted with will begin its animation again and will also go back to normal once pushed 1-2 blocks.
      Away from the lava that is.

      I tested it with even more fire tick blocks, and they freeze within a 1 block radius too! With the same effects! I put them near magma blocks, active fire, a campfire, a soul campfire, active soul fire, and lava! Only items that give off fire tick damage seem to freeze it!

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