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Saving Minecraft Java Games takes 5+ minutes


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    • 1.19
    • Windows 10 64-Bit (fully patched)
      16 GB RAM
      Java 64-bit 1.8.0_333 (latest)
      Only Minecraft launcher is running.
      I have tested by disabling antivirus (Bitdefender Latest - most up to date release)
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      When trying to save Minecraft games. The Save takes 5 minutes or longer. I have tested this with Minecraft Java edition 1.19 (latest), and 1.18.2 (last release), both have the same problem with this launcher. This was not present with previous launcher version.

      I have also found in a couple of instances that the save does not complete correctly & is corrupted on next load.

      I have disabled all third party applications, including antivirus, all of which caused no issues with previous launcher. This has made no difference.

      I have made sure that my Windows 10, and Java are up to date & fully patched.

      No new software / hardware has been installed before the installer was updated to 2.3.228.

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