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When upgrading a world from 1.18 to 1.19, previously existing Nether Portals don't link correctly


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      When I upgraded the server me and some friends play on from 1.18 to 1.19, some of our portals quit linking correctly, namely the ones in the Wither Skeleton Farm I built a few months ago.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a singleplayer world (works on servers too) in 1.19 using the seed 2349408805973290372 and the attached region files (r.0.-6.mca and r.1.-6.mca in the overworld region folder (<world save>/region) and r.0.-1.mca in the nether region folder (DIM-1/region)!) (The only reason for the region files is because of the very low file size cap of 10MB (and the .zip of the world save is 3 times that size), so to get around that, I had to upload the files this way).
      2. Navigate to the following coordinates:

      • Overworld: 552 175 -2872
      • Nether: 69 174 -357
        (Note: You won't see any of the trapped Piglins in the farm since I didn't include the entities regions as those are not needed for this purpose.)
        3. Enter any of the portals (there's two in the overworld (one below the sea floor) and 4 in the nether) without doing anything to them and you will see they don't link as they should.

      Observed Results:
      1.18 Nether Portals don't link correctly when upgraded to 1.19

      Expected Results:
      1.18 Nether Portals link just as they did before when upgraded to 1.19

      If you break and relight the portals, the linking corrects itself and it works as usual.

        1. r.0.-1.mca
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        2. r.0.-6.mca
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        3. r.1.-6.mca
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