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Demo Mode introduction popup displays twice when re-joining after death


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    • 22w43a
    • 1.18.2, 1.19 Pre-release 2, 1.19.2, 22w42a
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      The bug

      If the Demo World is joined while the player is dead, the introduction popup appears twice: once before the "You Died!" screen, and another time after clicking "Respawn".

      To reproduce

      1. Run the game in Demo mode. (You can do this manually by specifying the correct arguments to the client.jar, or you can select a Mojang account that has not brought the game in the Launcher.)
      2. Click "Play Demo World" to generate/enter the demo world.
      3. Once the world has loaded, enable cheats and run /kill
      4. On the death screen, click "Title Screen" (and then click "Title Screen" again)
      5. In the main menu, click "Play Demo World" to reenter the Demo World
        The Demo Mode introduction popup screen is shown
      6. Click "Continue Playing!"
        The death screen is shown
      7. Click "Respawn"
        After a second or two, the Demo Mode introduction popup screen is shown again


      • After respawning in Demo Mode, the introduction popup is shown: this is normal behaviour. The bug is that the popup is still shown when the death screen appears immediately after joining the world, so it seems to the player that the popup is shown twice in a row.
      • If you use Esc to close the first Demo Mode introduction popup, the death screen does not show at all. This may be a separate issue.


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