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Villagers with professions loose any interest in WS POI upon upgrading the world to 22w19a


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      The Testworld was created in the previous snapshot and a villager trading center was put up to test effects during snapshot changes. It is a survival world with the seed: -5821137628617365213

      Villagers with different professions where put in a straight line, their workstations where put on Magma blocks. Normal behaviour would still be, that the would refresh during the daily tick updates.


      Current situation:

      Villagers that had a profession previously assigned and have the POI workstation in their brain will never again try to find a new OR old workstation and thus remain in their state forever. Last worked just ticks up and thats it.  


      Attached is a comparison between the two /GET data entity commands of "old villager" on the left and newly created farmer on the right

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