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Villagers not Restocking


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      Possible Bug with the Villagers in Java Edition?

      I have recently discovered this in the latest snapshot where the Iron Golem and Warden require a solid block to spawn on. Which is 22W19A

      The summary is that after I have cured villagers first, get them a job with their job block, traded, broke the job, transported them one by one into another area in the distance somewhere at the ocean, and got them a bed and placed their respective job block. I did this in the snapshot before that version all was going well I think, maybe.

      There were a few more villagers I managed to transport but then I noticed that they were not restocking anymore for some reason. I waited, replaced their job blocks, even building another area on the ocean but they wouldn't go over there despite it being reachable with a flat path. Even it is just right beside them. Boats didn't seem to help at all.

      After some attempts I decided to go to a new world, creative mode, and then made walled off areas of different kinds of blocks if it will affect anything. Spoiler: It didn't. Anyways, I placed a bed and a job block in those areas before making a floating mini room above the area with the same job block and traded with the villager I spawned in it before breaking that job block and dropping the villager into the area to see if they will restock. They did not, again having a new job block they used to have and being close to them. Converting the Villager into a zombie villager and curing does allow them to own a new job block that is similar to their job but it still doesn't get them to restock.

      One thing I almost forgot mention is during the creative world, the job blocks that the original villagers won't restock on are able to be used by another unemployed villager. Like 1 block, and 2 villagers with the same job but one won't restock and the other can since that owns it.

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