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End Gateway didn't spawn the first time


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      I killed the ender dragon in 1.18.2 and the end gateway didn't spawn anywhere. I searched all around the island but there is no way to find it. The only thing I can think of is that the world is an old backup of 1.17.1.

      In the attachments I uploaded the End folder DIM1 in .rar format


      How to reproduce it:

      • Enter the end
      • Destroy all the cristals
      • Kill the ender dragon with beds, arrows and an enchanted diamond sword, the final shots are made using only the sword
      • Gain all the exp and exit end
      • Re-enter the End to look for the end gate


      World seed: 6309057395054918058   (stronghold at 1365 -432)

      Day 723

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