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Downloading Minecraft B.S.O.D's pc and on old windows 7/8 launcher it crashes freq


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      Hello, I'm having issues with Minecraft and its a very very odd issue, the pc I'm currently using is well suited for the top games of 2022. Spec's include but are not limited to; 32Gb of ram, I712k, 3070Evga and such forth the original point of this issue occurred  when downloading the newest version of the launcher my PC BSOD'ed and It would triple BSOD crash and after redownloading all my windows updates and drivers and such 3 times in a row for a total of 9 BSODS.(I'm a big Minecraft fan so I wanted to make sure I could get it so I dealt with the bsods thinking I had fixed the issue causing it each time but I hadn't) I've tried reaching out to the Micro Center that I purchased my pc from and their support sent me a link to someone who had the same issue and downloaded the older Windows 7/8 and was able to prevent the BSOD. So that's where I am currently on this issue of trying to fix this. I have the windows 7/8 launcher downloaded and it does not Blue screen my computer yet it still crashes and none of my other games experience errors and all of my drivers are up to date also my PC has no updates needed currently, I've used driver fix to check for driver failures and none were found, along with Cpu-z to check for hardware errors if you have any help to fixing this issue I would be greatly appreciative. crash-2022-04-20_17.13.56-server.txt

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