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Allay crashes the game on Apple Silicon Mac


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    • 22w16b
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    • MacOS 12.3.1, M1 Pro Macbook Pro
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      The first time I opened a new single player world on 22w16b with a M1 Pro Mac, there was an Outpost in render distance with an Allay in the cage. I started going over to it and the game crashed. I avoided Allays for a few hours and experimented with the Ancient Cities and didn't experience any crashes.

      Later, I spawned 3 Allays and a couple minutes later, again, the game crashed. I'm not sure exactly why it happens but the crashes only happen when alleys are near by.

      Side note, I know Minecraft is owned by Microsoft, but a native apple silicon Minecraft version would be awesome. Macs with these chips have been around a couple years and are in the hands of a lot of people.
      I have a crash log if it's helpful, it does mention the Allay.

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