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Minecraft World Keeps Crashing


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    • Windows 8, Minecraft Java Version
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      I'm trying to load into my world and when I reach a certain point in my main area, my game crashes and gives me the crash report. This is what it says, this comes directly from the crash reports folder in .minecraft on my computer.


      Description: Ticking entity

      java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "dnm.a()" because "$$1" is null


      I don't know what this means, nor do I know how to fix it. I tried reinstalling the launcher, deleting the world and placing the back up in my saves folder. Can you help? This is like the 5th time it has happened. All 3 of the files are the same. I included them because I wanted to show what was happening. 


      What is a ticking entity and how do I remove it?


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